How to improve your LinkedIn profile

Over time learning how to improve your LinkedIn profile has become so much more valuable to those looking to further their career. From sharing information with like-minded individuals, to looking for new opportunities, LinkedIn has become a useful platform for career enhancement.

I created my LinkedIn profile during university, but since then I have been able to build my profile and network. Now it’s strange to think that I ever doubted LinkedIns usefulness.

Here are some useful ways you can improve your LinkedIn profile starting today.

Increase your connections

This is an obvious point so I’ll get it out the way first. Connections are probably the most vital part of LinkedIn, and these don’t just have to be people you know personally. A good place to start is connecting with people you already know, whether this is friends, family, colleagues, or mentors. I’ve found it’s a nice way to stay in touch with people like my tutor from university as I would never add my professional connections on social media.

It’s worth making sure your profile has at least some minimal information on before adding people, especially those you don’t know, in order to give off the best first impression.

Make sure your profile is completed in full

One great aspect of your LinkedIn profile compared to a CV is that you are not limited in words or space. Your LinkedIn profile can be as vibrant and comprehensive as you like.

Your About section should concisely sum you up as a person. This is the first thing that people will read so make sure it captures your personality and anything important. The main information to include here is your current position (or the type of position you are looking for), and a short description of who you are. Make sure you don’t just rewrite your entire CV here. Your experience and qualifications will be included later on and people will stop reading if they get bored.

As for the rest of your LinkedIn profile, there are several sections you can include. While you don’t have to include every section, don’t hold back on including anything that applies. This includes any relevant experience, volunteer work, education, online courses, and skills.

Join groups

Another way to be seen by potential employers or others in your industry is to join groups. This is a guaranteed way to immerse yourself with others that share the same interests as yourself. It is also a valuable place to further your learning and keep up with your industries news.

Edit your public profile URL

This is a very minor idea of how to improve your LinkedIn profile but it tidies everything up and makes your profile URL easier to share. When you edit your profile on a laptop there is the option to ‘Edit public profile & URL’. This lets you choose which parts of your profile are visible to the public, and also lets you edit your custom URL link. Personally, I just removed the random numbers and shortened it to just include my name. Now when I include my Linkedin profile on my CV or send the link to anyone it is concise.

Complete certifications and LinkedIn Assessments

One way to show potential employers or others in your network that you are dedicated to increasing your skills and knowledge is by completing online courses. Online courses are so popular as most can be completed any time, anywhere providing you have an internet connection. LinkedIn Learning showcases a range of free and paid courses that you can complete to enhance both your hard and soft skills.

Another great feature is LinkedIn Assessments. Including your skills on your profile is a good start but how does anyone know if you’re really telling the truth? Endorsements from other people show that others recognise your skills, but if you are lacking endorsements you can complete LinkedIn Assessments to prove your knowledge. LinkedIn Assessments are short multiple-choice quizzes, and if you pass you can include this on your profile. Don’t worry if you fail, this is only visible to you. By no means do these assessments determine whether or not you possess the skills, they are just a useful indication that employers may take notice of.

In summary…

So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your LinkedIn profile, or if you find yourself with an extra 15 minutes, here are a few ideas to help. If you have any other suggestions of how to improve your LinkedIn profile please share them in the comments!

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